25 Jan 2013

University of Cambridge Teaching and Learning Packages

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Barbara Reisner, James Madison University

These are a group of outstanding resources for materials science and solid state chemistry. They are all tutorials with Flash animation. I find these to be an excellent review for myself and an excellent primer for my students. Because there are so many useful tutorials on the site, I've highlighted the ones that I think are most appropriate for use in an undergraduate curriculum. These range from introductory to advanced material.

Crystallography & Diffraction

Analytical Techniques


Materials Properties

Solid State Meets Physical Chemistry

The individual resources are referenced that I think are useful are referenced above. There is a reference to the TLP (Teaching and Learning Program) website below. I've also included the link to teaching in Materials Science & Metallurgy at Cambridge. If you dig down to some of the web resources below, you can access some of their teaching resources.

The cc license was chosen in accord with what is on the Cambridge website. 

Implementation Notes: 

At the moment, I mostly use these as a review for myself and my research students. I could see using these as supplementary materials in class in an effort to flip the classroom on some of these topics.


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