29 Sep 2009

One hour lanthanides overview

In-Class Activity

Submitted by Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, University of Nevada, Reno
This is a set of 36 slides with an overview on the history, production, industrial applications, coordination and organometallic chemistry of the lanthanides.  This is a condensed version of a semester long course for graduate students.  It does not include any lanthanides spectroscopy.  Some of the content was obtained from Prof. Jean-Claude Bunzli's lectures on lanthanides and actinides.
Learning Goals: 
Students should gain an overview of the importance and ubiquitous nature of the lanthanides in industrial applications, along with a brief brush with some seminal examples of coordination and organometallic chemistry.
Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence



This is a great introduction to the field, thank you for providing it.  It could be improved if you (or someone else) provided a running commentary or script that went along with the slides to help us incorporate it or portions of it into our own teaching.


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