8 Feb 2008

The Lanthanide Contraction

Literature Discussion

Submitted by Maggie Geselbracht, Reed College

This recent article discusses a series of isostructural complexes across the lanthanides using a multidentate ligand.  In these structures, the lanthanides are all eight-coordinate, bonded to all oxygen donors.  Copious structural data is presented that provides excellent experimental verification of the lanthanide contraction.  

Evaluation Results: 

I have not used this yet in class, but it would seem to be an excellent paper, destined to be a classic in the field. Alternatively, the paper could form the basis for a good problem set question.

Creative Commons License: 
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I wonder if you could add a Cambridge Structural database assignment where students actually find that kind of information themselves.... Hilary Eppley, DePauw University heppley@depauw.edu

I created a problem set question where students do have to go to Cambridge Structure Database and find a group of related compounds and compare bond distances and essentially derive the lanthanide contraction.  


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