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Shaun E. Schmidt, Washburn University
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Periodic Table files, docs, pics

In response to Amanda Reig's request on Facebook, I'm starting a discussion forum where we can share periodic table files in a variety of formats.  I have included two Word versions in portrait and landscape mode as well as an Excel file.  These files can get manipulated to fit on a credit card.

Barbara Reisner, James Madison University
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I have a periodic table that I've used to print pocket periodic tables, but I can't upload the file because it's in .png format. If you send me an email, I'd be happy to pass it along!


Margaret Scheuermann, Western Washington University
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I have .pptx versions, landscape, both with and without element names. They are shared on google docs but I would recomend downloading to powerpoint because the powerpoint to google sheets conversion isn't always  great.




Amanda Reig, Ursinus College
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I'm finally getting around to uploading my image files for wallet sized periodic tables.  I took the word document above and shrunk the fonts considerably, exported to pdf, then shrunk again in my graphics software (I used GIMP, which is a freeware program similar to photoshop).  The quality came out fantastic.  I've attached both a pdf and jpg file of the periodic table we used.