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My Notes
This website is from the Center for Metalloenzyme Studies at the University of Georgia.  It contains brief summaries of common techniques used in bioinorganic chemistry.  I really liked that for each technique lists what kind of information you can obtain, as well as what the limitations of the method are.  It also provides examples of what kinds of questions can be answered with each technique.  It does not provide in-depth information about how each method works, but rather simply lists the basic facts about each technique.  
Learning Goals
I used this website when teaching an upper level elective in bioinorganic chemistry as a way for the students to get an idea of what could be accomplished with these various techniques. The idea was for them to have a place to go to learn the basics about different techniques when they encountered them when reading journal articles. 
Evaluation Results
I believe that the students found the website helpful - especially since they hadn't encountered many of these bioinorganic techniques before.  I didn't assess it in a formal way.  
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Kyle Grice / DePaul University

The link isn't working for me when I tried to use it.


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Betsy Jamieson / Smith College

I've contacted someone at the Center for Metalloenzyme Studies and haven't heard back. I'll give them a while longer, but I think this great resource might be gone.


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