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Learning Goals

After reading the article and completing the guiding questions, students will be able to...

  • identify characteristics of solid state structures such as coordination number, type of holes, % occupancy of holes
  • draw 2-D projections of unit cells
  • cite information about synthesis and characterization from the article
  • determine the point group of the unit cell
  • find information using SciFinder Scholar


Implementation Notes

This literature discussion has been implemented in a foundation-level inorganic chemistry course for junior chemistry majors (19 students). The students were provided with the guiding questions prior to the in-class discussion and submitted their preliminary answers individually, to be graded mostly for completeness. During class, small groups were formed and answers were shared prior to the instructor leading a whole class discussion.

Time Required
variable, depends upon implementation. If students read the article and look at the questions before class, the discussion/group work could fit into a 45-60 minute class period.
Evaluation Methods

Individual student responses were graded for completeness. 

Evaluation Results

Students were able to meet most of the learning goals. The question that had the least correct answers was related to the 2-D projections.

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