Submitted by Nicole Crowder / University of Mary Washington on Thu, 06/10/2021 - 11:43
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Creating Word files, pdfs, and PowerPoint files in an accessible way addresses equity in the classroom. These web resources are focused on how to create materials for your courses that will be more accessible. There are also some checklists to consult as you are creating materials for your courses (and LOs for this website!) to ensure they meet some basic accessibility guidelines.

*Note that some of the materials link to or refer to resources specific to the University of Mary Washington, but you should be able to find similar resources at your institution.*

Please add other resources that you know of or have found helpful in the comments!

Learning Goals
  • to learn about basic accessibility guidelines and recommendations
  • to create course materials and VIPEr LOs in an accessible way
Implementation Notes

The chapters from the book Access for All can be viewed in total or used to address the specific type of material you are creating. The checklist files can be used as last step in file creation to assess the accessibility of the materials you have authored.

The DART website is a good general overview of accessibility and related tools. The Color Contrast Checker can be used to check visibility for slides and web materials.

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