9 Apr 2009

Elements on Encyclopedia of the Earth

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Barbara Reisner, James Madison University

This is a resource that focuses on the elements from a geological perspective. What I like about the website is that it provides examples of the uses and sources of elements.

Learning Goals: 

This resource could be used to give students a better perspective on the geological origin of the elements.

Implementation Notes: 

I haven't used this in my class, but it's a great way to get to this information online.

Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence


Slightly unrelated, but I am reminded of a very interesting and useful article I found recently about the availability (and thus cost) of all the elements. It's by Vesborg and Jaramillo and appeared in RSC Advances in 2012, vol 2, p. 7933.  It's a great article for justifying why a big aim of current energy research is to develop first-row transition metal-based devices rather than more rare and expensive 2nd row metals.

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