19 Jul 2012

Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Marites A. Guino-o, University of St. Thomas
Topics Covered: 

I learned of this website after attending the Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators (CCCE) workshop last summer '11. In this webpage you will find all the workshop lectures intended for audiences who do not have a computational expertise. You will also find lab exercises already written.

Learning Goals: 

The learning goals here will depend on the lecture and lab from the webpage.

Implementation Notes: 

I have not used the lectures or the labs in this website in my classes because they are predominantly geared towards general, organic and physical chemistry.  But, I still think this is a good resource for people who are interested in incorporating computational work in their classes.


Evaluation Methods: 

This will depend on the lecture or lab selected.

Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence


With permission, I have updated many of these exercises for the latest (at this writing) version of WebMO. They are all on VIPEr and pulled together in a Collection called Teaching Computational Chemistry.

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