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This worksheet was designed as an in-class, group activity in a flipped classroom. It relies on an understanding of the octet rule and common charges of various elements, as well as basic nomenclature of ionic compounds.  The worksheet teaches students to balance simple redox reactions (in which only the oxidized and reduced atoms are present) by identifying half-reactions, counting electrons transferred, and multiplying half-reactions to "cancel" electrons.  

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Learning Goals

By completing this activity, students will develop the skills to:

  1. Define oxidation and reduction in the context of chemical reactions. 
  2. Assign oxidation numbers to atoms in inorganic compounds (especially binary ones).
  3. Identify species that are oxidized and reduced in a redox reaction, and split the overall reaction into half-reactions.   
  4. Balance simple redox reactions. 
  5. Predict the formula of a binary salt formed from its constituent elements.
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Implementation Notes

This activity was designed as a group in-class activity in a flipped classroom, with an instructor available for guidance.  In the one semester I have utilized it, my class took about 30 minutes to complete the activity.

Time Required
20-30 minutes
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