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The following paper will be given to the students to study at home along with the questions in the attached document. Students will be allowed to discuss their answers in small groups and refine their answers, before the corresct answer is revealed.

The students will not need to see the actual spectra that are in the SI to be able to address the given questions, the spectra can be projected to the class when the answers of the student groups are discussed

Origins of Enantioselectivity during Allylic Substitution Reactions Catalyzed by Metallacyclic Iridium Complexes.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2012, 134 (19), pp 8136–8147

DOI: 10.1021/ja212217j

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Learning Goals

In answering these questions, students will learn to use 2D-NMR and NOE to assign protons in an organometallic complex.

They will also gain some experience in analyzing published material

Equipment needs

Computer and projector

Implementation Notes

The paper is quite a long one and students should be given ample time to address the questions and encouraged to skim through the paper.

The students don't need to see the actual spectra that are in the SI, to be able to answer the questions, the spectra (3-4 spectra) can be projected in the class and proton assignments can be discussed


Time Required
student need to study the paper before coming to class and 10-20 min of class time
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