16 Jul 2012

Crystal Lattice Structures Web Site

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Submitted by Chris Hamaker, Illinois State University

A really nice site with several lattice structures indexed by several methods, and new structures are continuously being added.  I find it useful for getting images for problems sets and exams.

Implementation Notes: 

Mostly, I use the site to download "see the structure from several perspectives" images for exams and/or problem sets.  I, personally, have used the Jmol renderings in Firefox (make sure Java is actually enabled, sometimes Firefox disables it as an "unstable" add-on).  To date, I have mostly used the simpler structures, but there are many unique and interesting structures.  One of my favorites is the half-Heusler structure.  Below the links to the visualizations of the structures, there is information about how the structure is related to other similar structures.  I have not recommended students visit the site yet, but I plan to in future semesters.

Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence


Currently this link is redirecting to http://www.nrl.navy.mil/underconstruction/ with a message:

Site Under Construction: This web site is being upgraded and will return as soon as possible. Please check back periodically.

I emailed NRL to ask about the status of the website, and I got a reply today. Accroding to the email, the site is "currently offline while we bring it up to NRL's security and web presentation requirements."  It was recommended to go to the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine (http://archive.org/web/) and enter the old URL (http://cst-www.nrl.navy.mil/lattice/). I chose the archive from 18 Jan 2012 and, there it was. Its a little slow, the the info is there. I was told I would be emailed with the new web address when the site was back online, and I will update the link above when I get it.

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