16 Sep 2016

Safety is job one

Five Slides About

Submitted by Alice Lenthe, Villanova University

This five slides about came to be from a discussion that happened after Marta Guron and Jared Paul gave a talk at the Philly ACS in Fall 2016. This is a modified version of a presentation given to all chemistry students regarding the proper handling and disposal of chemicals. Certain details will need to be modified to fit your individual institutions. The particular focus of the slides is for students to learn to turn to SDS sheets before using chemicals and to be able to read the labels on chemicals and understand the associated safety concerns.

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Learning Goals: 

After completing this training students should be able to 

1) Know how to access an SDS at your institution.

2) Know how to read an SDS in order to know the proper safety protocols for handling a given chemical.

3) Know how to properly dispose of chemicals at your institition.


Implementation Notes: 

The answers to the quiz were taken from an SDS found on the Aldrich website. Links are provided below.


At the time of this posting I am the director of environmental health and safety at Villanova University. I am not a regular VIPEr user, but was encourage to post these materials and did so with help from Chip Nataro. Hopefully the community finds a use the materials I have developed at Villanova.

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