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This literature discussion was created to accompany the coordination chemistry chapter of a foundation-level inorganic course. It introduces the concept of cyclopentadienyl (Cp) ring slippage as a mechanism for ligand substitution.

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Learning Goals

After reading the article and completing the guiding questions, students will be able to...

  • draw and compare the structures of Cp metal complexes with different hapticities to the Cp ring
  • cite information from the article
  • apply the covalent bond classification method
  • identify experimental techniques for measuring thermodynamic parameters for a ligand substitution reaction
  • write curved-arrow mechanisms for ligand substitution reactions
Evaluation Methods

Individual student responses were for graded for completeness and leniently graded for correctness.

Evaluation Results

Students were able to meet most of the learning goals, particularly after the small group discussions. There was a reluctance to hand-draw structures and mechanisms among some students.

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