Submitted by Karen McFarlane Holman / Willamette University on Thu, 07/02/2015 - 20:32
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This is a learning object focused on analyzing a specific figure from a research article that show XPS and CV data on Ni(OH)2/NiOOH thin films that have incorporated Fe. The paper is one for which we created a “bigger picture” Literature Discussion LO during the 2015 VIPEr TUES workshop at UW, based on  Shannon Boettcher’s group’s “Nickel-Iron Oxyhydroxide Oxygen-Evolution Electrocatalysts: The Role of Intentional and Incidental Iron Incorporation”.  This LO could be used in conjunction with our more general Lit Discussion LO on the scientific method, or could be used as follow-up exercise as either a set of homework questions or exam questions.

Learning Goals

Working through these problems, a student will gain experience...

  • interpreting XPS spectra and identifying control experiments.

  • interpreting cyclic voltammograms.

  • tying together results from these two different types of experiments to gain insight into sample composition.
Implementation Notes

We envision at least three possible ways to implement this LO:  (1) students are provided with the student handout and the paper to complete before a class discussion; (2) students are given the handout after a class discussion on the related scientific method LO; or (3) these questions (or a subset thereof) are asked in an exam after the article has been read and discussed in class.

Time Required
15-30 minutes if used in class, highly dependent on students' previous knowledge of XPS and CV.
Evaluation Methods

Student completion of learning objectives will be assessed through the provided handout that would be turned in after discussions as well as student participation in discussion.  Alternatively, the questions could be used in a problem set or exam question, in which case the answers would be graded.

Evaluation Results

This LO was developed at the VIPER workshop on Heterogeneous Catalysis in 2015 and has not been tested.

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