16 Apr 2015

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Literature Discussion

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College
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It is the classic game of telephone (or whatever local varient name you might use). Put a bunch of people in a line. Start by whispering something to the first person and then have them whisper it to the next. This process continues until the last person states out loud what they heard. Usually the starting and ending statements are quite different. When students are reading a paper, it is fairly likely that they feel anything the paper they are reading says about a reference is correct. This is a very dangerous assumption to make and students should learn to always go to the original source. In this activity, students are provided with some background information and then asked to consider the meaning of a specific sentence in a book chapter. They are then sent to the original source to see if that matches up with their original interpretation.

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Learning Goals: 

Students will learn that it is critical that they always turn to the original source when they are reading the literature.

Implementation Notes: 

There is certainly room for the introduction of many different topics while going through this exercise. Perhaps there is room for the creation of additional LOs from this paper.

Evaluation Methods: 

I came across this while working on writing a paper. I think this could make for a very interesting discussion and I am excited to try it in the fall.

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