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Dr. Rebecca Jones from Geoge Mason University presented and led a discussion on peer review in chemistry. The Youtube Video is shown below and linked as well. 

See "related activities" for peer review LO's already on VIPEr. In addition, the following references were relevant to her presentation about Peer Review if you would like more information about how Peer review helps student learning: 


Improve student lab report writing, mimic scientific process

  • Jones, M. L. B., & Seybold, P. G. (2016). Combining Chemical Information Literacy, Communication Skills, Career Preparation, Ethics, and Peer Review in a Team-Taught Chemistry Course. Journal of Chemical Education, 93(3), 439–443.

Improve conceptual understanding improve motivation, and help students develop critical thinking skills.

  • Walker, J. P., & Sampson, V. (2013). Argument-Driven Inquiry: Using the Laboratory To Improve Undergraduates’ Science Writing Skills through Meaningful Science Writing, Peer-Review, and Revision. Journal of Chemical Education, 90(10), 1269–1274.

Improve information literacy outcomes

  • Zwicky, D. A., & Hands, M. D. (2016). The Effect of Peer Review on Information Literacy Outcomes in a Chemical Literature Course. Journal of Chemical Education, 93(3), 477–481.

Encourage collaborative learning and interaction

  • McCulloch, K. M., & Hicks, K. A. (2022). Development and Implementation of a Bioinfographic Assignment in Second-Semester Biochemistry: Metabolic Pathways beyond the Classroom. Journal of Chemical Education, 99(10), 3623–3629.

Provide helpful feedback to students from someone besides the instructor

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