5 May 2017

SOP4CV - A Web Resource for Cyclic Voltammetry Information

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Submitted by Gerard Rowe, University of South Carolina Aiken


This is a great website created by Dr. Daniel Graham (who has the distinction of publishing a paper featured on TOC ROFL) to give anyone a working understanding of cyclic voltammetry techniques, their physical background, and the interpretation of their results.  

Learning Goals: 

Students will gain experience interpreting the basic features of cyclic voltammograms, including: half-potential, electrochemical reversibility, chemical reversibility, and scan rate dependence

Students will learn the physical origins of the "duck" shape of a reversible CV using the Nernst equation and diffusion concepts

Students will learn what analytical methods are available using CV

Implementation Notes: 

None yet.  I'm considering creating an activity using the information in this website, but for now I just wanted to share this resource.

Creative Commons License: 
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