27 Jun 2013

Cmap: Concept Mapping Tool

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Submitted by Amanda Reig, Ursinus College

Cmap Tools is a powerful free program that can be used to create concept maps.  The program works on any platform.

Thanks to Kurt Birdwhistell for posting the link to this tool to the forum a while back.

Learning Goals: 

A student will be able to:

  • create concept maps individually or collaboratively
  • visualize connections between concepts and ideas related to course material
Related activities: 
Implementation Notes: 

I have not used this for a class activity, but used the tool to create the sample concept map for our Literature Discussion LO during the Solid State Materials workshop.  The tool was easy to use and allowed for a lot of customization and flexibility.  The finished concept maps can be exported in a variety of file types, including .jpg and .pdf.

Time Required: 
30+ minutes
Evaluation Methods: 

If used as an assignment, students could be evaluated on the concepts they included and the number and types of connections they made between the concepts.

Evaluation Results: 

I have not used this as an in-class activity so I have no evaluation.  If anyone does a concept map activity in class and uses Cmap, please report back!

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