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While this site is also a commercial site (selling Theo's periodic tables and book, etc.) it is a wonderful resource of pictures of elements and their compounds, and "real life" uses of elements (such as a gamma ray imaging of the skeleton for Tc, a hard drive for B, and sushi for Hg!). It is also a source of movies of reactions of the elements, including some pretty impressive ones for the alkali metals and the thermite reaction. It also provides easy access to his chemistry column for Popular Science magazine.

Implementation Notes

I like this site because it has beautiful images of the elements, impressive videos of reactions that would be dangerous to do in person, and lots of practical applications of compounds of the elements. Brings the "Wow" factor of chemistry to students!

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Andrew / University of Hawaii at Hilo

I love Theo Gray's Wooden Periodic table site! I've been going to it for a few years now, often i just click on an element whenever i'm board and learn about it.  Wonderful site with great pictures and stories. It inspired me to start my own element collection (30+ so far!)


I love using the word 'Nitrate' as a verb!

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