17 Jul 2012

Periodic Table Videos

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Submitted by John Lee, University of Tennessee Chattanooga

The periodic table video website was developed by a group from the University of Nottingham.  In addition to the link to the website there a link to a publication in Science on the website is included below.  This is a great website that has a periodic table hyperlinked by element to a you tube video on that particular element.  On any given element video you see a mixture of general properties of the element (lecture) and an experiment that shows the element.  In addition, a new subheading has been added at the top for molecular videos where (a somewhat random yet interesting) list of molecules is included.

Learning Goals: 

A student can see periodic trends in a video demonstration.

The resource can be used to learn other information about an unknown element.







Implementation Notes: 

This website can be implemented as a video demonstration on a particular periodic trend or properties of a singlular element.  I am going to use this website as needed in my Fall descriptive inorganic chemistry class.  In addition, for those students who come in early before class starts we will have an element of the day, and view that element's video during the down time right before class starts (depending on the length hopefully some interesting discussion will come up before class starts).

Time Required: 
2 - 10 minutes
Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence


What a great idea to set up the video before class and hopefully engage the students! I can't wait to do the "element of the day" in my classes. Thanks for a great LO and a great story.

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