13 Jan 2010

Pyrophoric Liquid Safety Video

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Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College

This website is a video put out by UCLA and is a good general introduction to using pyrophorics.  It would be good for required viewing for ALL researchers who intend to use Grignards, alkyl metals, organometallics, LiH, etc.

Updated June 2015 to provide a new link; the old link no longer worked.

Learning Goals: 

After viewing this video, students will have a good  introduction to general methods for using pyrophoric materials.  The recommendations presented here MUST be discussed with a research advisor and made consistent with local practice.

Implementation Notes: 

The video starts out a bit cheesy, but the recommendations are very good.  I was (very) pleased to see that the recommendations I give to MY students are essentially identical to those presented here.

Time Required: 
12 minutes for viewing, more for discussing with others
Evaluation Methods: 

I hesitate to suggest a lab practical here, but the way I will use this video is that I will have all students  who work with these materials watch it and discuss it with me.  Our students are required to have a signed procedure (signed by student and advisor) in their notebook before using pyrophorics.  I always stand right next to the student for the first time they do this procedure, and I make sure the student knows the risks and hazards and the procedure WELL before I let them use pyrophorics outside of MY presence (they must have a "buddy" present regardless).  

Creative Commons License: 
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I shared this link with the people in my dept. who use pyrophorics.  They were really excited to see this and think it will be a great resource for our students.  They are planning to use it both for students in our synthesis lab class as well as in research groups as something to view before going over the safety procedures with faculty.  

Here is another similar video from Yale University on working safely with Organolithium compounds.


For researchers at Yale, it appears that there is an online quiz that must be completed by the student after watching the video.

It feels good when you have your research students watch a safety video and when you show them how to set something up for a reaction they say "wow thats just like they did it in that video you made us watch"

How do I gain access to this you tube video and the video below from Yale. Both are not available now.

Attempted access at 2-2-2015 (04:00 HRS GMT).

Thanks in advance

Here is a link for a series of safety videos produced by UCLA:  http://www.chemistry.ucla.edu/safety-videos

And here is a link for a series of organolithium safety videos produced by Yale:  http://ehs.yale.edu/training/organolithium-compounds-training

I don't know if these are the same as the original videos, but it's likely that they are.  Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention!


It looks like the UCLA videos were made private but I found a copy (June 10, 2015): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21iC4YEgOAs


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