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One of the features of the laboratory associated with my Inorganic chemistry course is learning to do some air sensitive chemistry using Schlenk lines (and sometimes gloveboxes).  Of course, COVID19 is keeping us out of the lab this year!  This is a collection of short web based resources (text and video) detailing begining use of a Schlenk line, something about drying and degassing solvents, and transferring liquids to a reaction flask.  It is accompanied by questions I am having students answer as part of the alternate lab I am creating in place of our usual organometallic lab experiemnt.  If you have a favorite resource that might be better/supplement the ones I found, please add to the comments!

Learning Goals

A student will be able to explain the basic operation of a Shlenk line and how to add reagents and solvents to a flask under inert atmosphere.

Time Required
2 hours, if all videos are watched and resources read.
Evaluation Methods

Student learning is assessed by answers to simple scenario based questions accompanying this resouce.

Creative Commons License
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA
Adam Johnson / Harvey Mudd College

I recorded a video on this topic and I meant to share it but I never did. This was my first ever YouTube video so be gentle.  

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