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This is a 90 minute talk by Fraser Armstrong of Oxford University ( explaining the electrochemistry of proteins immobilized on surfaces.  The talk was presented at the 3rd Bioinorganic Workshop in 2014 at Pennsylvania State University.  The talk contains an excellent basic tutorial on simple electron transfer on immobilized substrates using simple iron sulfur proteins as the primary example.  Talk continues on to more complicated subject matter including trumpet plots, electrocatalysis by enzymes focusing on the hydrogenases as an example.  The talk concludes with case studies presented on NiFe Hydrogenases, FeFe hydrogenases, and CO dehydrogenase.

Learning Goals

The student should be able to explain the information available from electrochemistry on immobilized proteins.

Implementation Notes

This is an excellent presentation by the developer of many of the modern techniques for electrochemistry on immobilized proteins.  

Time Required
90 minute
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Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA
Jingjing Qiu / San Francisco State University

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