6 Apr 2020

Schlenk Line Survival guide

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College

I feel like I've shared this resource before but I couldn't find it so maybe it will stick this time :)

This is a good resource created by "Dr. Andryj Borys, a main-group chemist, phosphorus fanatic and Schlenk line enthusiast." He is currently a postdoc in Canada, headed back to Europe in 2020 (supposedly..)

this resource describes the use of a Schlenk line in quite a bit of detail, with a variety of standard applications (cannula transfer, sealing NMR tubes).

Learning Goals: 

A student can use this resource to learn general features of a Schlenk line.

Evaluation Methods: 

This is really more of a resource. I have not used it but I have a link to it in my reserach SOP folder. I think it would be good to show the students a general resource before teaching them the specifics of a local line.

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