16 Jul 2012

Metal MACiE Database

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Submitted by Anthony L. Fernandez, Merrimack College

As a non-bioinorganic chemist, I am always looking for resources to help me teach bioinorganic chemistry in both my sophomore-level and advanced inorganic chemistry courses.  The "metalloproteome" was the subject of an article in the December 12, 2011 issue of C&E News ("Merging Metals into Proteomics: Tackling the Systematic Study of Metalloproteins").  In this article, the author mentions a new database, called Metal MACiE, of metals in metalloenzymes.  This resource is an extension of the MACiE (Mechanism, Annotation and Classification in Enzymes) database and it is described as “a database of catalytic metal ions, with a view to understanding the functions of the roles and activity of catalytic metals in enzymes.”  It contains information about coordination geometry and oxidation state of metals in enzymes and it highlights the changes at the metal throughout the catalytic cycle.  It also links to structures of the metalloenzymes available in the Protein Data Bank.

Implementation Notes: 

In my sophomore level course, I am going to use this database to find examples to include in my lectures.  

In my advanced bioinorganic course, I am going to have the students access the website to obtain information about the environment of the metal in the enzyme.  I am going to develop additional learning objects that use this database, as well as the PDB.

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