Submitted by Margaret Scheuermann / Western Washington University on Sat, 06/21/2014 - 21:35
My Notes

These slides provide an outline of the significance, bonding, properties, and reactivity of metal alkene, alkyne, and diene complexes appropriate for an upper division organometallics class. Animation is used to construct qualitative MO diagrams for olefins bound to octahedral metal centers that highlight specific bonding and antibonding interactions.

The chemdraw file used to create these slides is also provided.

Learning Goals

A student should be able analyze physical and spectroscopic data for alkene, alkyne, and diene complexes and rationalize the properties of these complexes in terms of bonding and antibonding interactions.

Implementation Notes

These slides were used in the spring 2014 inorganic reactions and mechanisms course at The College of New Jersey. 

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