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My Notes

Here are 10 slides to introduce students to multiple bonds formed between transition metals and between transition metals and ligands. This can be adapted to general chemistry, as long as students have learned Lewis diagrams. This can also be extended to add more information on the nature of the multiple bonds for upper division use in inorganic and physical chemistry. 

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Learning Goals

Identify bond orders for bonds between transition metals.

Identify bond orders for bonds between transition metals and ligands.

Introduce students to organometallic chemistry.

Expand concept of bonds beyond main group elements. 

Implementation Notes

These slides are designed to introduce the topic of multiple bonds between metals and between metals and ligands.

Time Required
15 minutes
Evaluation Methods

I have utilized these slides and connected them to recent articles in C&EN News. 


Evaluation Results

Students are correctly able to identify bond order for various complexes using images of the complexes. 

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