4 Aug 2014

Nitrogen Fixation: A Structural Inorganic Mystery?

Five Slides About

Submitted by Jodi O'Donnell, Siena College


These slides describe the recent literature on the structure of the iron sulfur cluster of nitrogenase active site, FeMo-co.  Included are: a comparison of industrial vs. biological ammonia production, several crystal structures from the literature including the unknown until recently hypervalent carbon atom in the center, and a brief mention of the troubling sterics of the active site as crystallized.

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Learning Goals: 


After discussion of these slides students will be familiar with...

  • The differences between industrial and biological ammonia production
  • The history of elucidation of the structure and active site of nitrogenase
  • The idea that a literature report can be groundbreaking yet still have many unanswered questions remaining
  • If the structural evidence suggests it, carbon might juts be able to form 6 "bonds"!


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