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This literature discussion was created for the ACS National Award Winners 2024 collection. Dr. James McCusker was the recipient of the Josef Michl ACS Award in Photochemistry. The LO is based on a figure from the report "Ultrafast Electron Localization Dynamics Following Photo-Induced Charge Transfer" published in Science, 2000, 289, 935-938.

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Learning Goals

After reading the article and answering the guiding questions, students will be able to....

1) Identify the bpy ligand and draw its Lewis structure.

2) Apply the Covalent Bond Classification method to a Ru-bpy complex.

3) Use differences in symmetry to differentiate between photo-induced reaction intermediates.

Implementation Notes

This LO has not been used yet, but we recommend assigning these questions for the students before class, so that they come prepared to discuss them in class. 

Time Required
variable, depends upon implementation. If students completed the question before class, possibly ~20 minutes.
Evaluation Methods

One possible method of evaluation is to collect student answers to the guiding questions before the discussion takes place in class and/or collect student answers after the class discussion and/or collect answers written by small groups during the discussion.

Evaluation Results

This LO has not been implemented yet.

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