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This literature discussion focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and polymerization behavior of non-cyclopentadienyl-based Group 4 catalysts for the polymerization of ethylene/1-octene and propylene.

This LO is part of a special VIPEr collection honoring the 2022 ACS National Award recipients in the field of inorganic chemistry. Jerzy Klosin was the recipient of the ACS Award in Industrial Chemistry for the development of versatile homogeneous catalysts for the production of a wide range of polymer-based materials on a large industrial scale.

Learning Goals

By completing this literature discussion LO, students will be able to...

  • compare and contrast the structure of the pyridylamido Group 4 title complexes with traditional Cp-based catalysts
  • identify spectroscopic techniques for measuring the relative amounts of conformational isomers and cite data regarding the thermodynamic quantities related to those isomers and the isomerization process
  • apply the covalent bond classification (CBC) method for electron counting
  • draw segments of polymers derived from ethylene/1-octene polymerization and isotactic polypropylene
Implementation Notes

A number of options for implementation are available. Students could read the article ahead of time and complete the questions during class, individually or in small groups. Or students could answer the questions outside of class and work in groups during class to generate a group version of the responses. Some time to discuss as an entire class would be helpful to answer questions or provide extra commentary. The advanced NMR techniques and the section on regioerrors may not be easily comprehended by students.

Time Required
15-30 min; depends on implementation
Evaluation Methods

Questions could be collected and graded either by individual student or by groups. 

Evaluation Results

I have not yet had a chance to use this LO with students but evaluation results may be forthcoming.

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