19 Jul 2012

Recyclable Catalyst for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Formate Attributable to an Oxyanion on the Catalyst Ligand

Literature Discussion

Submitted by David Richard Weinberg, Colorado Mesa University

This is a literature discussion of a short JACS communication that describes an iridium catalyst for the reduction of bicarbonate to formate. It addresses green chemistry, potential industrial processes, bridges between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, pH-dependent solubility, electron counting, oxidation state assignments, and thermodynamic analyses.

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Learning Goals: 

A student should be able to

- determine the major goals of published research.

- assign substrates, products, and catalytic species for a reaction.

- calculate enthalpies of reactions.

- determine the electron counts and oxidation states for transition metal complexes.

- compare and contrast homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.

- assess whether or not a process is green and industrially viable.

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Implementation Notes: 

This learning object has not yet been implemented.

Time Required: 
50 - 75 minutes with pre-class reading
Evaluation Methods: 

Student learning will be assessed based on their responses to the questions included in this learning object.

Evaluation Results: 
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