27 May 2015

Inorganic Chemistry Wikibook

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Submitted by Tom Mallouk, Pennsylvania State University

Frustrated by the lack of inorganic textbooks that really fit my materials-oriented first-semester inorganic course, I embarked on a project with my students to create a free online textbook. The students did most of the heavy lifting, and I'm pleased to report that the next class to use the book rather liked it. It is still a work in progress, but I would like to encourage everyone to check it out and edit it if the spirit moves you.

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Thanks for sharing this, Tom! I have used 4 different books for my intro level class and have never found one I like. This looks like an outstanding resource and I'm going to encourage my students to use this when the class is offered again next spring. 

I'm particularly thankful for the focus on solids and materials. It's such an important topic and rarely given the treatment it deserves.

Thank you Barb!  I hope the book will be useful to your students.  The price is right!  I forgot to mention that I have powerpoint slides (many contributed by Ray Schaak) that go with the book, and can send them to anyone upon request.

Thank you for this resource! I agree that Inorganic textbooks leave a lot to be desired and this is fantastic!


Thank you for sharing this! I plan to use this book for my inorganic chemistry course in the fall. It really looks great!

Really cool! What level were the students who made/used the book?

They were mostly sophomores and juniors.  They edited each others' work, which significantly improved the quality of the material, and then I did a final cleanup.


I am very happy to offer your wiki book to my current Inorganic students at Augusta Technical College in Augusta, Ga . Thank you!


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