24 Feb 2010

Video explanations and practice problems of basic chemistry and math topics

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Lori Watson, Earlham College

This is a website which links to a wide variety of good quality YouTube mini-lectures on basic topics in chemistry, mathematics, physics and a variety of other sciences.  Each video is about 10 minutes long and many go through example problems slowly and completely.  

Learning Goals: 

A student will be able to choose a topic they would like to learn more about, either for review or enrichment, and gain a basic understanding of it.

Related activities: 
Implementation Notes: 

I am posting this on our course management site for my Inorganic Chemistry course to help them review some topics they might have forgotten.  This site will be most useful in my general chemistry course both in chemistry content and for students who need a mathematics review before beginning some topics.

Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence


I heard about this on NPR and it sounded awesome! Thanks for posting this!

I agree that this looks like a great resource for students who need refreshers on topics.  I really like that it has some math topics as well.  

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