30 Jun 2016

Building Molecular Orbitals for a Square Pyramidal Oxorhenium(V) Complex

In-Class Activity

Submitted by Murielle Watzky, University of Northern Colorado

This activity guides students into building a Molecular Orbital diagram, which focuses on metal-centered orbitals of mostly d character, for a square pyramidal complex that includes different types of ligands. Students are then asked to "fill" the resulting orbitals with metal d electrons, and examine the stability of the complex.

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Learning Goals: 

Upon completing this activity, students will be able to....

-build a MO diagram for a square pyramidal complex.

-include the effect of ligands with sigma-donating, pi-donating and/or pi-accepting character.



Implementation Notes: 

Students should work in small groups of 3-4.

Time Required: 
Up to one lecture period (50 minutes) if working in groups. This will depend on how comfortable students already are with building MO diagrams for an octahedral complex.
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