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This learning object focuses on the new video series, “Voices in Inorganic Chemistry,” established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the American Chemical Society journal, Inorganic Chemistry. The are currently 12 videos celebrating pioneers in the field of inorganic chemistry.  This activity consists of two components, namely the students watching one interview and writing an essay about their chosen inorganic chemist.

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Learning Goals

1) The student will gain an appreciation for what inorganic chemists actually do.

2) The student will learn that inorganic chemistry is a broad discipline.

3) The student will write an essay on an inorganic chemist to enhance their writing skills.

4) The students will use SciFinder to research the publication record of their inorganic chemist.

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Implementation Notes

The students will watch one interview on their own time. I have a link to the Voices video series on the webpage for the course.  As an alternative to the 12 interviews in the Voices video series, I provide a short list of other inorganic chemists, including inorganic chemists from diverse backgrounds as additional options. I provide links to the homepages of the inorganic chemists on the webpage for the course as well.


Evaluation Methods

I currently have 27 students enrolled in my inorganic course this semester and each student will submit an essay based on their selection of an inorganic chemist from the Voices video series or one inorganic chemist recommended from the course instructor not included in the video series.

Evaluation Results


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Joshua Telser / Roosevelt University

This is a nice learning object but unfortunately, the interviews are no longer available on the IC web site, at least this URL:

is no longer working as it directs only to the IC main page. However, it does appear that the interviews are posted on YouTube, but that means the instructor has to include the URL to each of them, e.g., (Richard R. Schrock). I could not find all 12, although I did not do a detailed search on YouTube; these interviews are listed among all sorts of other only loosely related videos.

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Brian Anderson / Keene State College

I have adopted this learning object as a discussion post within our LMS that requires a post by a student and a response to a peer within the discussion. 

I did find a link to a Youtube playlist that shows the interviews with all 12 chemists (…; In addition, I have expanded my list of chemists to discuss to also to include LGBTQIANPN+ chemists from Inorganic Chemistry's article on the topic.  Here is a link to a google Doc I use as a template for an assignment that gets integrated into our LMS.  (…;

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