Submitted by Joanne Stewart / Hope College on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 14:44
My Notes

Asking students to work in groups and developing group projects is always challenging. This 5-slides about describes approaches for increasing the effectiveness and success of student groups. It also contains some helpful links to resources on how to form groups and help students develop group skills.

Learning Goals

This Powerpoint is a bare bones introduction to student learning groups. People who view it will learn that:

1.  Setting up student groups should be intentional – we know some things about this

2.  Students need to learn how to be good group members

3.  Group activities should be designed in order to maximize group success

Implementation Notes

The Powerpoint can simply be "read" if faculty want to learn more about groups, or it could serve as the foundation for giving a presentation on student learning groups. However, it is mostly text and needs more images and fewer words if it's going to be used in a presentation.

Time Required
20 minutes
Evaluation Methods

I used a version of this in a workshop for summer research students who are developing curricula for general chemistry laboratories and for supplemental instruction groups. It will be interesting to see if the students incorporate any of these ideas into their work.

Evaluation Results

There are no evaluation results yet, other than the fact that the workshop particpants found the presentation interesting and they had many good questions.

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