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This is intended as a guided reading assignment for the JACS Communication, Mechanism for the Activation of Carbon Monoxide via Oxorhenium Complexes” by Smeltz, Boyle, and Ison; J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 13288-13291. This article will expose students to newly published research and novel reaction mechanisms. It will require students to apply their knowledge of electron counting and organometallic mechanisms.

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Learning Goals

After completing this assignment, the student will be able to

-          Critically evaluate the chemical literature

-          Determine dn electron counts, oxidation states, and overall electron count for a series of oxorhenium complexes

-          Understand mechanistic studies of an organometallic reaction pathway

Implementation Notes

Students should be given the paper a week ahead of time. Ideally, this exercise will be a capstone exercise following discussion of organometallic chemistry in class. Questions could be used for exam questions.

We have also included a link below for the paper that contains all of the computational work for the proposed mechanisms in the current article.

Time Required
1-2 50 min class periods depending on how many of the questions you want to discuss in class.
Evaluation Methods

Could be graded based on participation in class discussion or answers to the questions could be collected and graded. Could also be used as exam questions.

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