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This literature discussion was created during the 2023 IONiC VIPEr workshop at Morgan State University.  It highlights the work of Prof. Robert J. Gilliard Jr. The primary focus of this exercise is to introduce CIE chromaticity coordinates related to emission spectra. The authors envision this activity being assigned in class followed by group discussion. 



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Learning Goals

interpret variable temperature fluorescence spectra and connect them to twisted intramolecular charge transfer excited state and corresponding CIE chromaticity diagram

Identify the relationship between structural changes, photoluminescence excitation and emission and potential applications for materials

Implementation Notes

This LO focuses students on relating the content they read in the full paper to a single figure (Figure 4b and 4c). They will need to understand the concepts in the full paper, so this 1FLO wouldn't work well as an independent question (i.e. - for an exam).

Time Required
30 minutes
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