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This literature discussion LO was created for the ACS National Award Winners 2023 collection. Dr. Jerry Atwood was the recipient of the 2023 ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry. This LO is based on the article "Aromatic inclusion within a neutral cavity-containing rectangular grid", published in Chemical Communications 1998, 61, 2735-2736.

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Learning Goals

After reading the article and answering the guiding questions, students will be able to....

1) Identify the types of interactions used in host-guest chemistry and the basic principles of synthesizing these complexes to encourage binding of the guest molecule to the host molecule.

2) Describe the cobalt complex at the corners of the supramolecular rectangular array described in the article according to the Covalent Bond Classification (CBC) method

3) Write electron configurations for Co and some of its oxidation states

4) Cite experimental evidence for the formation of the host-guest complex

5) Explain the value of different visual representations from the article

Time Required
30-50 minutes (depends upon implementation)
Evaluation Methods

One possible method of evaluation is to collect student answers to the guiding questions before the discussion takes place in class and/or collect student answers after the class discussion and/or collect answers written by small groups during the discussion.

Evaluation Results

This LO has not yet been implemented.

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