23 Jun 2018

Bonding in Tetrahedral Tellurate (updated and expanded)

Literature Discussion

Submitted by Jocelyn Pineda Lanorio, Illinois College

This literature discussion is an expansion of a previous LO (https://www.ionicviper.org/literature-discussion/tetrahedral-tellurate) and based on  a 2008 Inorganic Chemistry article http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ic701578p

Learning Goals: 

Upon completion of this activity, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the key aspects of a primary publication including significance, synthetic methods, and product characterization.
  1. Identify isoelectronic species by drawing Lewis Structures.  
  1. Apply standard NMR shielding/deshielding concepts to interpret heteronuclear NMR spectra.
  1. Identify experimental protocols and reaction conditions.
  1. Discuss how the various experimental methods in the article provide evidence of the structure of the compound.
  1. Recognize scientific nomenclature relevant to the research article.
  1. Identify the relationship of telluric acid and tellurate to the related species given in the paper based on periodic trends. (Periodic Acid - isoelectronic; Sulfuric and Selenic acid - same column)
  1. Compare bond lengths for species in the paper.
  1. Identify the point group of the TeO42- with all the same Te-O bond lengths and when with different Te-O bond lengths.
  1. Predict the product(s) and by-products of a chemical reaction.
  1. Identify species and intermolecular interactions in a crystal structure.


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Implementation Notes: 

Students are asked to read the paper and answer the discussion questions before coming to class. 

Time Required: 
50 +
Evaluation Results: 

This LO was developed for the Summer 2018 VIPEr workshop, and has not yet been implemented. Results will be updated after implementation.

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