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This literature discussion uses a recently published article on solvatochromic Mo complexes to introduce students to the different components of a research article. The activity is divied into to two parts. Before class students read the paper and focus on defining terms, investigating the "meta" data of the paper, and the different sections iof the paper. In class the students work in groups to investigate the scientific content of the paper

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Learning Goals

Students should be able to:

  • Interpret the roles that authors play in a research project
  • Recognize the different sections of a research article and the purpose of each section
  • Understand how to access supporting information and the type of information found there
  • Find key conclusions of a research paper and the experimental evidence the author used to make those conclusions
Time Required
~30 min (if students complete part 1 before class)
Evaluation Methods

Follow up small group work with a class discussion of the correct answers. Grade students on participation and completness

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