Submitted by Darren Achey / Kutztown University on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 14:48
My Notes

Compound Interest is a website that creates infographics for chemistry related events and items.  Specific examples of inorganic chemistry infographics include showing how the metal content in colored glass gives the glass its characteristic color, how the lighting of a match works with the conversion of red phosphorus to white phosphorus, and the various colors that transition metals can have in different oxidation states in water, among many other examples.

Learning Goals

Create a love of chemistry among college (and even high school) students by showing them how the world around them works in relation to chemistry.

Implementation Notes

I use one infographic slide at the start of each general chemistry lecture (trying to match them up with topics we are covering when possible).  Students have really enjoyed seeing the more practical aspects of chemistry, even when we sometimes are covering more mundane/mathematical topics.  I like to read up a bit on the topic myself so that I can give a 2 minutes overview of the slide highlighting some of the things that I find interesting about the topic

Time Required
However much you want to spend!
Evaluation Methods

Gauge student interest via surveys and evaluations at the end of the semester.

Evaluation Results

Students by and large have been overwhelmingly positive about my "opening slides" and really enjoy the opportunitiy to understand how sunscreen works or why gemstones are colored as they are.

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