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This question set has students examine the kinetics of the electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO described in Sampson, D.L.; Nguygen, D., Grice, K.A.; Moore, C.E.; Rheingold, A.L.; Kubiak, C.P. Manganese Catalysts with Bulky Bipyridine Ligands for the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide:  Eliminating Dimerization and Altering Catalysis.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 5460-5471. 

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Learning Goals

Students will be able to...

  • Identify the experimental conditions required for the pseudo-first-order kinetics assumption to be valid.
  • Compare and contrast electrochemical and chemical kinetics.
  • Apply given experimental data to deduce the reaction order with respect to all reactants in the electrocatalytic reduction of CO2.
  • Calculate the rate constant (kcat) for a given set of conditions.
Equipment needs

Students should have access to a computer with Microsoft Excel.  



Implementation Notes

This can be adapted to a general chemistry/introductory class or can be used as in-class discussion with upper level students.  Secondarily this can be given as a homework asssignment and then used in class as a discussion or as an in-class acctivity.  



Time Required
one 50 minute class


Evaluation Methods

The assignment can be graded at the conclusion of the class period and then revisited at points later on an exam or at the final.  

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