Submitted by Jim Kirby / Quinnipiac University on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 00:01
My Notes

A set of questions to be used in General or Introductory Inorganic Chemistry as a review or “quiz” of shapes and polarities.

Learning Goals

In answering these questions, a student will:

determine shapes of molecues;

determine polarity of bonds;

synthesize the information to determine polarity of molecules.

Equipment needs

If you do not have a method of polling students online, you can use index cards for answers OR just have students write down answers.

Implementation Notes

I have used this set of automated response questions as a Gen Chem I review to start Gen Chem II.  Since students complete Lewis Structures, Polarity of Bonds, VSEPR, and Polarity of Molecules at the end of Gen Chem I at  QU, and we start with Intermolecular Forces in Gen Chem II, I need to review for those who either forgot or never learned the basics.

I plan to use this early in my Inorganic course this fall, since I have found some students don’t remember those basics at that level, either.

Time Required
full 50 minute class


Evaluation Methods

Using Automated Response System in PowerPoint lecture format.

Evaluation Results

Attached is a Word document with results from Gen Chem II (one section) in spring 2015.  I was able to complete all shape and bond polarity questions and 3 of the molecule polarity questions on the first day after reviewing the course syllabus with the class.

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