7 Jul 2015

Shape & Polarity Review with Clickers

In-Class Activity

Submitted by James Kirby, Quinnipiac University

A set of questions to be used in General or Introductory Inorganic Chemistry as a review or “quiz” of shapes and polarities.

Learning Goals: 

In answering these questions, a student will:

determine shapes of molecues;

determine polarity of bonds;

synthesize the information to determine polarity of molecules.

Equipment needs: 

If you do not have a method of polling students online, you can use index cards for answers OR just have students write down answers.

Implementation Notes: 

I have used this set of automated response questions as a Gen Chem I review to start Gen Chem II.  Since students complete Lewis Structures, Polarity of Bonds, VSEPR, and Polarity of Molecules at the end of Gen Chem I at  QU, and we start with Intermolecular Forces in Gen Chem II, I need to review for those who either forgot or never learned the basics.

I plan to use this early in my Inorganic course this fall, since I have found some students don’t remember those basics at that level, either.

Time Required: 
full 50 minute class
Evaluation Methods: 

Using Automated Response System in PowerPoint lecture format.

Evaluation Results: 

Attached is a Word document with results from Gen Chem II (one section) in spring 2015.  I was able to complete all shape and bond polarity questions and 3 of the molecule polarity questions on the first day after reviewing the course syllabus with the class.

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