Submitted by Shirley Lin / United States Naval Academy on Wed, 03/13/2024 - 06:58
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This collection of learning objects was created to celebrate the National ACS Award Winners 2024 who conduct research related to inorganic chemistry.

The list of award winners included in this collection are shown below. (* denotes learning object pending) The LO for V. Sara Thoi is a problem set and visible only to VIPEr accounts with faculty privileges.

Rachel Narehood Austin ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution (bioinorganic)
Suzanne C. Bart F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry
Louise A. Berben ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry
Holger Braunschweig M. Frederick Hawthorne Award in Main Group Inorganic Chemistry
Charles T. Campbell Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis
Christopher J. Chang Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry
Prashant V. Kamat* Henry H. Storch Award in Energy Chemistry
Stephen A. Koch ACS Award for Distinguished Service in Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry
Jarad A. Mason ACS Award in Pure Chemistry
James K. McCusker Josef Michl ACS Award in Photochemistry
Frank Neese ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Herbert W. Roesky Frederic Stanley Kipping Award in Silicon Chemistry
V. Sara Thoi Harry Gray Award for Creative Work in Inorganic Chemistry by a Young Investigator
Simon C. Weston* ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials