27 Jun 2013

QSAR and Inorganic Chemistry

Five Slides About

Submitted by Vanessa McCaffrey, Albion College

This presentation provides a short introduction to Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships and its use in Inorganic Chemistry. A brief introduction to Linear-Free Energy Relationships and the Hammett Equation is given, followed by three examples of how QSARs have been used in inorganic chemistry. 

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Learning Goals: 
  • Define QSAR
  • Describe the Hammett equation, including definitions of each variable
  • Give examples of how QSAR can be used to predict properties of inorganic systems
Implementation Notes: 

This "5 slides" would fit well at the beginning of a junior or senior level inorganic class. It is designed to help students draw parallels between organic and inorganic systems and the ways that chemists can evaluate the properties of different systems. 

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