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This is a literature discussion of a review by Tom O'Halloran (The link to the paper is included in the "Web Resources" below). The review covers concepts of metal content in cells, metal trasport, storage, and regulation. Its a good review to start a broader or deeper discussion about metals in biology. We have provided some questions to help guide the student discussion. These questions can be given to students prior to coming to class, and the answers can either be used for the in-class discussion and/or collected. 

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Learning Goals
Students will:
-- apply fundamental concepts from class material to literature examples, such as metal binding specificity (dependent on size, charge, etc.), Kd, strength of ligand binding, concentration and turnover of free ions 
-- gain an appreciation for the importance of transition metals in biological systems and the different roles metals play in the cell (metalloenzymes, metallochaperones and metalloregulatory proteins)
-- develop scientific reading comprehension in a guided activity
Implementation Notes

Access the manuscript through your library and provide a copy of the manuscript to the students along with the discussion questions a few days before class, and then have an in class discussion abou the chapter. 

Time Required
45 minutes (1 lecture) + student time prior to lecture
Evaluation Methods

This literature discussion developed at the 2014 IONIC VIPER workshop and has not been evaluated yet. 

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