19 Jan 2017

Nucleophilic attack at an iridium arene

Literature Discussion

Submitted by Chip Nataro, Lafayette College

This literature discussion is based on a paper describing the nucelophilic attack on a coordinated arene (Organometallics, 2015, 34, 4626). The basic goal is to devise a catalytic method for converting an alkene into a phenol. While the authors do not accomplish that goal, they do manage to present a series of steps that would be the basis for a catalytic cycle. The compounds are relatively straightforward, and while there are some additional reactions that might be a little complicated for students, they should be able to get through the main parts of the short paper.

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Learning Goals: 

Upon completing this LO students should be able to

  1. Use the CBC method to count electrons in the iridium compounds in this paper
  2. Describe the bonding interaction between a metal and an arene
  3. Discuss nucleophilic attack on a coordinated arene
  4. Rationalize the point of attack on a substituted arene
Time Required: 
50 minutes or so
Evaluation Methods: 

This was developed after the semester in which I teach this material. I look forward to using it next fall and I hope to post some evaluation data at that point.

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