4 Aug 2014

A Living Syllabus for Sophomore Level Inorganic Chemistry

In-Class Activity

Submitted by Sheila Smith, University of Michigan- Dearborn

In my sophomore level inorganic course, I have experimented with the idea of a living syllabus as a way to develop my own specific learning objectives and to help the students connect the material to the tasks that will be expected of them in assessing their learning. 

Microsoft Office document icon LivingSyllabus LO.doc52 KB
Learning Goals: 

The student will connect in class activities, lecture and discussion to the tasks that will be used to assess their learning.

Equipment needs: 


Implementation Notes: 

We took 2 minutes at the end of each lecture period to verbalize and record the specific learning objectives for the day.  (After this lecture, what exactly does the professor expect me to be able to DO…?)  On the few occasions when we ran over and did not get to this, we used the Course Management System (CMS) discussion feature to complete the task.  The syllabus was continually modified (added to) over the ourse of the entire semester.

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